Terms and Conditions

1. Booking


Bookings will only be processed once full payment has been received.


For certain courses it is possible to book individual days rather than the entire course. Priority will be given to applicants who wish to attend an entire course.


Payments from outside the UK must be made free of all charges.


We reserve the right not to accept an individual on to a course, for whatever reason.

2. Cancellations


No refunds will be available for any reason (including illness) for cancellations received less than 2 months before the start of the course.


Cancellations received more than 2 months before the start of the course will be refunded in full, minus a £30 administration fee.


The Oxford and Cambridge Singing School reserves the right to cancel a course in the event of unforeseen circumstances, in which case all money will be refunded.

3. Behaviour


It is very important to us that a friendly and informal atmosphere is maintained throughout the course. To ensure the enjoyment, safety and well-being of everyone involved we reserve the right to exclude any student whose behaviour is deemed unacceptable or disruptive or who is unable to co-operate with instructions given by our staff.


Should a course member be excluded for unacceptable behaviour, no refund will be available. All associated costs, such as transport to and from the school, will be the parent/guardian's responsibility.

4. Damage


Costs incurred due to deliberate or reckless damage of any venue owned by or used by us will be the responsibility of the course member(s) involved and their parents.

5. Insurance


We accept no responsibility for the loss of clothing or any other personal property. We request that all items of value are left at home or else properly insured.


When taking part in any activity, participation is entirely at your child's own risk and attendance of the course involves acceptance of this risk. You may like to take out personal accident insurance if this concerns you.

6. Publicity


We occasionally take photographs and may make audio and/or video recordings during the course for use in promotional material. Please let us know in writing, at the time of booking, if you are unhappy with your child being included in this. It will not be possible to avoid inclusion in recordings or photographs of the final concert.

7. Food Consumption


All students are asked to bring a packed lunch and snacks for break times.


We ask that students do not share or swap any food they bring, however kind the thought, due to allergies and intolerances.


Parents are asked to notify us of any allergies and intolerances in advance of the course. Students with a food allergy should make themselves known to the course staff. Parents are required to complete an Emergency Medical Questionaire for each child in advance of the course.

8. Sick Children


All children are expected to be well on arrival. If a child becomes unwell during the day and they would like to go home, we will remove the child from the group, call you to discuss their condition and watch over the child until you arrive to collect them.

9. Medication


We regret that we are unable to administer medication if your child is unwell. If required, parents and/or guardians should arrange to be present to administer medication themselves.

10. Child Protection


Every effort is made to avoid or minimise the time any member of staff is left alone with a child. All voice coaching, for example is a minimum of three children per adult. If a child makes inappopriate or repeated physical contact with a member of staff, it will be logged in the incident record book.

11. Accidents


All accidents are logged in our Accident book. We will alert you of any accident affecting your child when you collect your child at the end of the day.

12. Collection of a Child


The Oxford and Cambridge Singing School closes after the concert at 3.30pm. If the child has not been collected at 3.45 pm and the parent/guardian has not made contact, we will make every effort to contact the parent/guardian using the booking form numbers. If, for whatever reason we cannot contact a parent or guardian by 4.30pm, the police will be contacted.

Last updated: 9th Mar 2016, 2:39pm